A dating story first season

And then, as we got into the brainstorming process, it just made more sense to start fresh with totally new characters and a new story, to give us the freedom to go in whatever direction we wanted." Zak's first web series about lesbian Internet dating, lasted two seasons and was based entirely in Chicago.“I think the good thing about the Web series is it gives you so much freedom, content-wise, because there really isn’t anyone other than the production company policing the content," Zak explains."We poured our resources into making a very small story very well-told.We’re not covering a lot of ground; it’s very simple.

“We met on the set of ” says Richards, referring to the Web series in which Zak debuted as a writer and actor.

In the series, Paige opens up to a straight man about her trans identity as they begin dating.

“Angelica is an adult trans woman who doesn’t get read as trans in public," says Richards.

But we do exist.” “That’s such a big issue for us,” adds Richards.

“We didn’t see the people in our community on television.” On Ross's character, Paige, is a powerhouse attorney for Lambda Legal — a woman who "projects an image of composure and success, while tending to mask her vulnerability with her ambition," according to the show's description.

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