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This is really strange how this preforms, i kept getting whiffs of a gorgeous mens perfume and i kept sniffing my arms to see where it was coming from but couldnt find it because up closento the nose it smells soo feminine ! I love it 12 year old mousulus thought this was just the coolest thing ever! The free paper samples in Seventeen magazine that I used to rub all over my ripped-jeans and flannel covered pre-teen body until my mother finally got this for me on my 13th birthday. One would think gin and tonic would be a good thing but trust me, if I spray myself with CK One, you really don't want to be anywhere near me. It just goes to show, body chemistry plays a huge role in fragrances. I think it's because of the freshness and citruses.

It's almost like cheap teenage boy deodorant spray. I still love the idea of CK One, it makes 13 year old me giddy, but the reality is, this was made for someone else. Once I glanced at the notes, I thought, yes - citrus, green notes, pineapple, papaya and florals. I didn't put dislike, though I want to..I think it's because it was overplayed and overworn by err'one in the 90's. : O Like why would people prefer this over say...'Truth' that came years later(and is great!

Scent : 6/10 Performance : 6/10 Value : 7/10 One of the first frags I owned.

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The opening is a bitter, sharp lemon zest which within about 5 minutes mellows down to smooth dry citrus with a hint of tea leaf.

If you are young and looking for cheap fresh fragrance for your first one, this is it.

It's unisex in that there is no overbearing floral or spice scents.

This is Summer in a bottle, crisp, refreshing, 'feel-good' fragrance. :) ) I didn't put dislike mainly 'cause I liked it in the 90's(not as much as Escape ;) But yeah, it doesn't smell old-man ish..it's just worn-out its welcome IMHO.

I wear it when it's hot and it makes me feel clean and energized. Still, if a contest exists, it's better than CKBE which I also won't wear!

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