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Cases that have second degree assault and burglary convictions will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

"Her MIND Her BODY is a holistic health facility for ' HER' spanning approx. We work together as a team to accomplish your goals by utilizing your strengths and past successes.

Separated, divorced or never married parents must each submit a TADS application, regardless of any arrangements or legal agreements.

If a parent has remarried, both the parent and the step-parent should complete the application.

Then go to the TADS website to create an account and complete the online application.

All supporting documents must be uploaded, faxed or mailed to TADS after you have completed the online application.

These documents include the most current federal income tax returns, schedules, and W-2s, paystubs, applicable business, corporation, or partnership tax returns, and other supporting documents as requested.

At Her MIND Her BODY you will: Experience Holistic practices from Licensed, Certified, or Qualified Professionals/ Attain self-awareness/ Minimize stress and tension/ Calm your mind and balance emotions through mental health therapy / Enhance feelings of inner peace and clarity/ Develop a healthier lifestyle to increase life quality and longevity/ Become more physically active, toned, and confident / Understand best practices for selecting nutritional foods / Enhance physical characteristics through nail, skin, hair, and beauty consultation / Deepen your spiritual connections.""Finding the right therapist is a personal decision that that can have a significant impact on your life.Complete Online Application through TADS TADS is a needs-analysis program.We recommend that you download the TADS worksheet from the link below to help you prepare the application.Total income, assets, number of dependents, cost of educating all children in fee-charging institutions, extraordinary expenses, and retirement needs are all taken into consideration.All families, including noncustodial parents, applying for financial aid must submit the online TADS application no later than January 5.

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