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Plus, you never know what sexy moments can happen when youre lying on a blanket in a secluded spot with your loved one. There are a bunch of vineyards in the New York and New Jersey areas (or for you West Coasters, you’ve got the famed Napa and Sonoma areas) that have inexpensive wine tastings.Drinking some delicious wine, hanging out with your man and enjoying the beautiful scenery sounds like an idyllic way to spend a Saturday or Sunday. Watch The Sand The beach is a very romantic place especially at night.I bet it isnt every night that you play strip poker. Vacation Schmation Do you need a vacation but cant afford the 5-star trip to the Maldives that youve been dying to take?Dont worry, you can still go away without going into overdraft.It was as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.Oh, wait, no, sorry, it was the sound of every woman on the planet saying, “Like I give a toss,” and turning their attention to literally anything else.

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You're too good to settle for anything but the best. Shower Time Has your man been taking really long showers? Now, trying to get him to take you on a date is practically impossible. Hey, Friends Have you been spending a lot of extra time with your friends? Work, Work, Work Is your boyfriend turning into a workaholic? He loved surprising you with home-cooked dinner nights and incredible vacations. The tremor, the rumbling, the disturbance which rippled across womankind yesterday afternoon?It came after the New York Post published an article titled “Why I won’t date hot women anymore”.

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