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Craftsmanship, condition and age are all practical considerations when looking to buy an antique wardrobe.

If you are looking for a wardrobe that will last then the craftsmanship is key; was it was built to last with solid, good quality wood such as mahogany, walnut or oak?

The designs of antique wardrobes are expansive, make sure to match the design of your chosen wardrobe to your needs.

If you need more space for hanging clothes or folding garments for example, make sure the design reflects this.

A machine made newer wardrobe is missing such unique features that all contribute to the attractiveness of an antique wardrobe.

Before purchasing your antique wardrobe make sure you take accurate measurements of your space, including ceiling height, which is sometimes overlooked.

A French armoire design would work well in a softly decorated room, the wardrobe reflecting the mood of the interior.

Be careful of antique wardrobes that have been over restored or upcycled, they can sometimes lose their charm and value during this process if it is taken too far; if the patina of the wood has unduly been destroyed it will affect the antique wardrobes value and appearance.Your antique wardrobe is going to need to be functional and practical for your families or your own needs.There is no point buying a wardrobe, with plenty of shelving space, when what is really necessary is an abundance of hanging space, a large three panel sturdy Edwardian wardrobe would suit perfectly in this case. An antique wardrobe can provide for a much needed storage solution.Furniture before the 1700’s was generally oak, it was a little later that walnut and mahogany became more widely used.Tip: Antique wardrobes that were handmade generally feature beautiful marquetry, parquetry, gilding or inlays.

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