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As you can clearly see, I am very disappointed with the customer service.I really enjoy my car, but no longer trust the dealership. Reply My 20hd which I bought in Florida 18 months ago still cannot be licenced in Ontario Canada….At no time did I think that this was a GUESS, but I thought I would see what would happen next. I finally receive a message to call You, Danielle Johns to discuss options…meaning…still don’t know. HOWEVER, When I call, I want to know the following information: 1.Does your Automotive repair center own a Haynes Repair Manual or other Buick Manuals that help with diagnostics? I have copied the electronics section and would be happy to scan it to your email.In 1912, GM introduces the first electric starter in a Cadillac. In 1984, the company acquires Electronic Data Systems. In 1999, the company acquires a 20% interest in Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru.In 2000, the company takes full control of Saab and acquires 20% of Fiat.(This car has had 4 diagnostics in the last 8 months.

It is the second time I have brought my car to you to be fixed.

Since it never sounded like it was going or was becoming ever increasingly harder to start, I am unsure that I agree.

If this is so, there is a warranty on this part which I purchased from Autozone brand new and this can easily be exchanged.

However, when asked they did replace the ground wire which they had to order from your dealership.

They moved their business, so I had to tow it elsewhere. I was once again told that it needed another diagnostic…though it was wrong last time, and it had a newer PCM.

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