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Also the implementation of our Local Action Plan is in full swing.

Time for a wrap up conference on February 19th: What did we do on our Urbact Food journey , international with […] MAYOR OF THE CITY OF ATHENS, MR.

Israel har mange høytider, og den nyeste av dem er den etiopiske høytiden “Sigd”.

Den ble erklært statlig helligdag i 2008, men feires hovedsakelig av de omlag 130.000 etiopiske immigrantene og deres etterkommere.

Det går mot slutten av høstens store høytidsperiode her i Israel og i jødiske samfunn verden over.

Det begynte for tre uker siden med nyttår, som ikke feires med fyrverkeri, men med festmåltid i familien og med bønn i synagogen der det blant annet blåses i bukkehorn. Send tekst på epost til Redaktøren eller på mobil til tlf 977 90 790 2.

During the meeting the team analyzed and discussed, which are the best local action plan projects, useful to spread the sustainable food culture in […] From a city with 0% food self-sufficiency ratio to introducing food policy as key priority in the political agenda, Athens has come a long way, announced the URBACT Secretariat in its news (read article).

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(City Context, Description of the process, Content of the Local Action […] The Urbact project is almost finished for our city, but ‘real food’ will stay on the agenda of dedicated initiatives and the municipality.

The report provides an overview of the current situation in the city and establish a simple set of relevant and practical sustainable food criteria for policy maker to work from.

Manchester Sustainable Food_report Manchester Sustainable Food_presentation The Kindling […] 200 stakeholders met in Brussels on 26 March 2014 to discuss urban agriculture in Brussels and in Europe.

Given the challenges currently facing towns and cities (demographics, pollution, social inequalities, etc.), urban agriculture is gradually becoming a strategic development axis.

Like other cities, the Brussels-Capital Region is affected by this trend and wishes to support […] On sunday 13 th of April 2014 two enthousiastic citizens of Amersfoort, Kinke Hendriksma and Manon Hendrikx, launched the start of a small scale urban farming project ‘Nieuwe Stadsboeren‘.

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