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As the only tradeshow in Las Vegas dedicated to the contemporary children’s brand market, CHILDREN' S CLUB delivers a new outlook on children's apparel.It’s a fresh, forward-thinking perspective that focuses on of-the-moment trends and mirrors the adult market in taste and style.Conveniently located alongside FN PLATFORM, our show allows the footwear industry to connect, shop, and expand their businesses on a global scale.

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They are favored for their sensitivity, very wide measuring range, compact dimensions, reliability, and acceptable price.

STITCH @ PROJECT WOMENS is the show for focused and refined ready-to-wear designers.

Its carefully merchandised floor showcases the right mix of contemporary, sportswear, lifestyle and international brands.

THURSDAY, JULY 19th: It’s The Doctors ‘Trend’ show and we’re bringing you everything buzzing that impacts your health!

First, a dangerous trend of DIY chemical peels is leaving people burned.

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