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Owners of PWCs or other boats without capacity plates should reference the owners' manual and/or state laws.

If you own a boat that was built prior to the Federal law mandating capacity plates or have a homemade boat, the following formulas can be used to determine safe loading capacity.

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In Congress, I will push for a federal law mandating all redistricting in states be done by an independent, non-partisan panel or mathematical algorithms.

(c) which related to reimbursement of an agency for issuing additional checks, and redesignated subsecs. The Office of Personnel Management shall take such measures as may be appropriate to ensure that all employees who receive their pay by electronic funds transfer shall be given the option of receiving their pay stubs electronically.

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A motor larger than recommended will make the stern too heavy and can cause the boat to flip.

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The transom will ride too low in the water and you could be swamped by your own wake or a passing boat's wake.

Your boat will not sit properly in the water and will be difficult to handle. Always balance the load so that your boat maintains proper trim.

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