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I create ALOT, I practice rituals that give my life incredible meaning through art.I use eroticism as a form of activism in my world because i truly believe that people who are awake sexually are more free and liberated in their sense of self, with a greater capacity to dance to their own beat in a world that demands conformity; to choose a life full of pleasure, love and a total embrace of all that is.Here at Local Sexting, our community of hot locals is growing every single day.Access to their snapchat, kik, skype and more are just a tap away.

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Sacred sexuality and the art of sex magic takes you on a journey through your erotic world embracing all of your desires dark or light from an authentic and honoring perspective.It is grounded in the idea that all parts of you are sacred and that it is how you approach those parts that really matters.Your sacred and magical sexuality shows you how to listen to what your body want ‘s from a place of non judgment, how to be more orgasmic, how to consciously move into altered states for transformation and how to experience erotic empowerment by utilizing your sexual energy rather than suppressing or ignoring it.I am apart of a powerful community of women as a DANCING EROS facilitator teaching the medicine of the 5 feminine erotic archetypes, Priestess, Wild woman, Maiden, Slut and the Erotic mother.I am also co founder of the SEX WITCH movement, a series of workshops resurrecting the union of the sacred sexual arts and witch craft.

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