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Both amazing people for what they do for the less fortunate in their work. Yesterday they had the DG's on stage representating the top 20 top districts in the Rotary world donating to the Foundation.There's a rumour that PM Trudeau will speak tomorrow but we'll miss it as we're off to P. Both 50 were in the top 20 and proud to see Lindajean Coyle up there.These boys are now getting into College and learning leadership skills.

If you don't have a Community card yet, please let us know and we will be sure to get you one.President Ian is in Equador on the International project, so PP Mike was acting President today.Mike reminded us to please use our THRIFTY'S SMILE COMMUNITY CARDS.Pointed out there were some great speeches but there were some that missed opportunities.In particular a speech on how close we are on eradicating polio, made possible by the Salk vaccine has only led to where we are nowdue to the lady scientist who developed the delivery system.

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