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In 1917 the copper 1 Pfennig was switched to aluminum and shrunk in size. The copper 2 Pfennig was discontinued due to the war.The copper-nickel 5 Pfennig was changed to iron in 1915 and continued to be produced until 1922.The other side features two women holding a large portrait of a woman's head. When first issued in 1910 the note was worth about (which had the buying power of about 0 today! This set includes four attractive and historic banknotes issued by Germany during World War I.The war caused a major strain on Germany's monetary system.People hoarded coins and large sums were needed to pay for the war effort.

This set includes the two last silver coins issued by the German Empire: the 1/2 Mark and 1 Mark. The 1/2 Mark is about the size of a nickel, the 1 Mark is about the size of a quarter. We offer the set in two grades: Circulated and Uncirculated.In 1871 Otto Von Bismark united the German States under Prussian King Wilhelm I, forming the Second Reich, also known as the German Empire.The Empire disintegrated as a result of World War I.The copper-nickel 10 Pfennig was produced in two metals: iron, starting in 1916, and zinc starting in 1917. All the coins had the denomination on one side and the imperial German Eagle on the other.This World War I era four coin set includes the aluminum 1 Pfennig, iron 5 Pfennig and both the iron and zinc 10 Pfennig in Very Fine of better condition.

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