Giaan rooney dating colleagues ex

He asked me to send him a couple of Australian exports: Tim Tams and Lynx deodorant. Perhaps he had a new email address, but why wouldn’t he have told me?He was convinced it was Lynx that made the ladies wild for him in Australia. Unwilling to let our friendship go, I turned to Google to track him down.A ceremony is an important part of processing death and I had missed it all.While the internet gave me important information, it could not offer the human connection that a phone call from a friend or relative could.Captivated by my accent, he told me he had lived in Australia a few years prior and loved it.He was interested in who I was, why I was there and what I wanted out of life.He had died in a tragic accident almost a year prior and I had not known.Further search results revealed John’s kind heart, even after it had stopped beating.

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We formed a quick and natural connection and I felt certain I’d made a friend for life.While an online legacy book provided some comfort, it did little to alleviate my acute sadness.In death, there is often celebration; a service to attend, a life to collectively honour and the opportunity for a final farewell.Whether it’s research for an article, catching up on current news, or poring over food ideas (read: killing time), I invariably ‘Google’ it.I happily used Google to diagnose my first pregnancy, but I wasn’t prepared for the day it delivered devastating news about a close friend.

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