Hyun bin ha ji won dating real

It’s Hyun Bin at his fresh-faced, clean-cut, cheery best, and looking at these pix, I could plausibly believe that maybe, just maybe, this was the (very handsome) boy living next door.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite picture in this section, since I like so many of ’em, but I think I like the last pic just a little more than the others.

😉 Dreamy Boyfriend Since this is a post for Djining, I thought a great place to start would be what I call the Dreamy Boyfriend photos.

We get Hyun Bin bearing flowers, gifts and even groceries in this section.

As understated as the show felt, my reaction to it was equally muted.

I liked (but didn’t love) Worlds Within for its docu-drama sort of feel, and was suitably fascinated by the Reel to Real romance between him and leading lady Song Hye Kyo (which reportedly lasted until he enlisted in the military, after which both actors’ agencies announced their break-up).The movie was a little more art film in tone than I was in the mood for, but I can’t deny the hotness of Hyun Bin’s famous kiss scene with co-star Tang Wei. The Season of Military Scarcity In early March 2011, Hyun Bin impressed us all, by choosing to serve his military service in the Marine Corps, widely considered the toughest service branch of all the service branches.This, despite the fact that many k-celebs were opting to serve in the much less, er, entertainment unit.The thing is, as I was working on this post, it kinda ballooned into a k-love post (oopsie? After all, of late, I did come across whispers in dramaland that some drama fans among us have actually asked the question, “Who’s Hyun Bin? After all, Hyun Bin enlisted in the military not too long after wrapping up Secret Garden (2010), and then took quite a while choosing his comeback project, which was a movie instead of a drama.), and I had to upgrade the entire thing in the process of making it. I hope you don’t mind the upgrade, and I hope this post lives up to your expectations. ” …To which most drama fans would likely respond with, “Omo. So if you got on the k-train fairly recently and haven’t watched any of his older projects and aren’t a movie fan, I do get that you probably wouldn’t be familiar with Hyun Bin.

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