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He was named a Mc Donald's All-American, and also earned second-team Parade All-American honors.

He also helped his AAU team, Pump-N-Run Elite, to the 2006 Las Vegas Adidas Super 64 championship.

Hell, I think in the Murr skydiving episode, he doesn't even lose, yet still gets punished. Are there production assistants blocking off all exits for people involved in the pranks to sign the releases? Did you guys approach a network with the idea or did a network approach your troupe?

Thank you for doing the AMA, love you guys and your work. On one episode where you guys were getting people to hold your seats outside with crazy reasons. Also, can we get some extra clips of what happens after you tell people you're doing all of this mess for a show?

(also, you guys filmed at my sister's bar when she was bartending!

)I'm guessing they trying to evenly split up the punishments then edit it out so people lose equally. I sometimes challenge myself to NOT laugh during an episode and I fail miserably every time.

He improved his stats to 18.8 points, 7.7 boards and 3.5 assists in his junior season and led Artesia to the California state title and a 33–1 record.

"Sing a duet with a stranger"I would SO love to see you try to creepily convince an old woman to sing "Total Eclipse of The Heart" with you and for her to tell you to F*ck off... I always tell him that I am in love with you and just think you are absolutely adorable and would totally tap that.

I just texted him at work and told him that you were doing an AMA and he told me to ask you if you thought you looked like a ferret.

UPDATE: Thank you SO MUCH for your awesome questions today! In my 30 years of existence, I've yet to meet a Larry in person Edit: I would like to thank everyone below for informing me of people they know named Larry. Question: when you are filming, do you guys just film a bunch of pranks, then decide which goes on which episode? Yo Murr, do you think this show has a certain "shelf-life" because of your guys' rising popularity- like more and more people will eventually recognize you all? : D Out of the four of you, which is the funnest to mess with?

And remember, new eps of Impractical Jokers on every Thursday at 10p EST, and see us perform LIVE all across the country - tour dates and cities here: What kind of "don't go there" boundaries do you guys have on the show?

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