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Most would label that a smashing success — for Jessica, 36, it’s a good start: “I have dreams that it’ll be a global brand.” So after taking maternity leave, she is prepared to return full-tilt to growing Honest while hopefully “keeping it feeling small.” That means Jessica will still be taking customer service calls now and then: “Nobody ever believes it’s me,” she says.

Think of all the things you’d ask if you got the surprisingly open, super-chatty mom on the line.

I started working young so I could get that respect,” she confesses.

As a tweenager, Jessica entered an acting competition — and the rest is IMDB history, from a breakout TV role as a superhuman badass in .

"I feel like I just didn't have enough time in the day with two and I still feel that way, but I feel like we giggle a lot more," she gushed.

Her baby boy, Hayes, joined the family in December and has been warmly welcomed by his older sisters Haven, 7, and Honor, 10.

"I actually really enjoyed that time, being pregnant, and just like slowing down a little bit and then having the baby and that bonding time," the star said. For more from Jessica, check out the video above and read our interview with the star and Honest Beauty Creative Color Consultant Daniel Martin right here.

Jessica Marie Alba is an actress, model and businesswoman, best known for her role in television series Dark Angel.

Well, she will be after this interview — then, instead of heading to the office, she’ll be off to get a massage.

Boy, is it well deserved: “I sat in a six-hour meeting yesterday, and my pelvis feels like it’s cracking in half,” she says.

The hint of weariness in her voice might have something to do with the fact that when we spoke, Jessica was just 10 days away from delivering her third child, a son named Hayes, with husband Cash Warren (daughters Honor and Haven are 9 and 6). but I’m learning to be better at not pushing myself too hard.

And luckily for Jessica, that means she has some helping hands around the house, although her youngest daughter still has some time before she can take on larger responsibilities like her older sister.

"Haven I don't trust walking with him around ‘cause she is 7, but Honor can throw him on her hip and like walk around and, like do things," the Honest Beauty Founder explained.

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