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Herman Sasse called the pastorate “The Lonely Way.” It is perhaps no more lonely than for the single Pastor who does not have a helper suitable for him.

And while we make jokes and talk about setting up the single Pastor with a Christian woman, it is still something to watch and care for their single Pastor who is watching out for them.

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Married or single, the Pastor stands on the walls of Zion keeping watch over God’s holy people.

If that faithful Pastor has a suitable helper given to Him by God it is a blessing and one the congregation does well to support and pray for their Pastor and his wife.

While I do have two congregations that take very good care of me, and there are members of the congregations that invite me to spend holidays with them and their family, it’s impossible to take off the role of Pastor.

I am very thankful to those brother’s in my circuit that so often open their home to me for holidays and at various other times during the year.

You can easily find singles near you in Wisconsin by searching for singles in your city or even outside your city.

The first preacher, the first head of a household, the first man to catechize his children in the truth of God and His promise had a helper suitable for him.

Dependent on this is the single Pastor’s own attitude and efforts, but it is far too easy for a single Pastor to spend an entire day without speaking to another person.

And while many loving members of the congregations do invite their single Pastor for meals and holiday’s, it’s impossible for that Pastor to not be Pastor in that place and time.

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