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After the occupation of Greece, large parts of the Muslim Cham population collaborated with Italian and German forces.

This fueled resentment among the local Greek population and in the aftermath of World War II the entire Muslim Cham population had to flee to Albania.

The survivors of the population are evacuated to the Ionian islands. Revolutionary General of the Greek Army, Markos Botsaris, was ordered by the provisional Greek government to convince the Muslim Chams to join the Greek cause but without success. Six Cham delegates from Chameria and Ioannina sign the declaration.

The Treaty of London gives the majority of Chameria to the Kingdom of Greece, with only a few villages going to Albania.

It can be found in English sources also as a hybrid form of both names, Tsams.

The Chams speak their own dialect of the Albanian language, which is a southern, Tosk Albanian dialect, considered one of the two most conservative dialects, the other being Arvanitika.During the Greek-Turkish population exchange, a few thousands of Cham Albanians leave Chameria.16,000 Greek refugees are settled in the region until 1926, when later they were moved on to other parts of Greece. The majority of the Muslim Cham elites actively collaborated with the occupation forces.Most Chams settled in Albania, while others formed émigré communities in Turkey and the United States, and today their descendants continue to live in these countries.Since the fall of Communism in Albania, Chams have campaigned for right of return to Greece and restoration of confiscated properties.

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