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To be perfectly honest I would have preferred her to have chosen to stay single, but the way Collins handled their eventual genuine relationship was excellent.

It wasn't like Katniss suddenly turned around after the revolution was over and realized she was madly in love with Peeta.

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These can actually be more dangerous as they lose the ability to regulate the venom they inject resulting in higher levels of envenomation.

When a coastal taipan feels the need to defend itself it goes into full attack mode.

There is no messing around with ‘dry bites’, in over 80% of cases a large dose of venom is delivered, often in repeated strikes.

This is testament to the life-saving antivenom serum developed by the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in the 1950s.

Other lists on various websites should probably be more accurately titled as the “World’s most venomous snakes” and this was partially covered in our article on the most venomous animals.

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