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They want to work in energy filled environments where teamwork, collaboration, and innovation are fueled by authentic trust.And they want to give their ideas and discretionary efforts to those leaders who understand how to invest this new workplace currency in them.

Alice Paul and her National Woman's Party was the leading proponent, arguing that women should be on equal terms with men in all regards, even if that means sacrificing benefits given to women through protective legislation, such as shorter work hours and no night work or heavy lifting.

No political, civil, or legal disabilities or inequalities on account of sex or on account of marriage, unless applying equally to both sexes, shall exist within the United States or any territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Alice Paul, the head of the National Women's Party, believed that the Nineteenth Amendment would not be enough to ensure that men and women were treated equally regardless of sex.

On September 25, 1921, the National Woman's Party announced plans to campaign for an amendment to the U. Constitution to guarantee women equal rights with men.

The text of the proposed amendment read: Section 1.

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