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“ When we go outside of our own little bubble we have to acknowledge that people come from different backgrounds and people are struggling with different things and we can’t jump to conclusions.” 13th, directed by Ava Du Vernay, contends that the 13th amendment created a link between a criminal and a slave.

Du Vernay turns an essentially traditional element of America, the prison system, onto its head by arguing that African Americans never fully escaped the chains of slavery, they were just enchained in new ones.

They built a colorful wearable that looks just like a sea anemone to pick up “signals”.

On-board cameras sense when others look at the user while computer vision determines interest, “building upon our own intuition.” If Ripple feels someone is attracted to the wearer, it uses its tentacles to give a ripple-like effect.

“If the attraction is mutual then it’s tentacles will move in reaction to their gaze, amplifying the language of seduction between the two people”, explain the designers.

Worn on the shoulders, Ripple can tell if an individual is looking at the user with interest.

To enable such results, the team used sensors and computer vision algorithms that detect a special gaze.

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