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The Man in Seat 61 says "Having an en suite is nice, but frankly the standard & deluxe compartments are so similar I wouldn't get hung up on getting a deluxe.There's a shower for standard sleeper passengers at the end of the corridor." A Comfortline sleeping-car about to leave Innsbruck on the Nightjet to Cologne & Dusseldorf on a summer's evening.BB bought all 42 Comfortline cars when DB discontinued their City Night Line trains in 2016, and deployed them on their Nightjet routes replacing their older cars.Comfortline cars have 9 economy compartments with washbasin and 3 deluxe compartments with private toilet & shower.There is usually just one sleeping-car on each train for a given destination, sometimes two.Most Nightjet trains use Comfortline sleeping-cars built in 2005-2006 by German Railways (DB) for their City Night Line sleeper trains.Built 1992-1995, they come in two versions: One with standard sleeper compartments with washbasin on both decks, each compartment usable as single-berth or 2-berth.

If you're a family a 4-berth couchette is all you really need, although if cost isn't an issue you could book two adjacent 2 or 3 bed sleepers and open the interconnecting door - sleeper compartments which share the same first digit usually have a connecting door, so berths 21 & 25 connect with berths 22 & 26 next door, see the berth numbering plan." Incidentally, ships have 'cabins', the correct term on a train is 'compartment'!

Toilets and an excellent hot shower are available at the end of the corridor, see 360 panorama of shower room - take your plastic ving-card key with you to the shower as you may need it to unlock the door (the lock stops couchette passengers from the car next door getting free showers! There is shower gel in the shower, but take a towel from your compartment.

See the Comfortline sleeping-car layout & berth numbering plan. Complimentary welcome drink of sparkling wine, fruit drink, bottled water, slippers, towel, Nightjet pen, breakfast order form, Nightjet menu (the attendant can provide a small menu of drinks & snacks from his galley).

Each compartment is fitted with an upper, middle & lower berth and can be sold as a 1-berth (single), 2-berth (double) or 3-berth compartment depending on demand.

See the Comfortline sleeping-car layout & berth numbering plan.

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