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and alongside the whistling ducks are the only anatids that will do this.

Average egg size (for the mute swan) is 113×74 mm, weighing 340 g, in a clutch size of 4 to 7, and an incubation period of 34–45 days. They will viciously attack anything that they perceive as a threat to their chicks, including humans.

The mute swan apparently is closest to the Southern Hemisphere Cygnus (del Hoyo et al., eds, Handbook of the Birds of the World); its habits of carrying the neck curved (not straight) and the wings fluffed (not flush) as well as its bill color and knob indicate that its closest living relative is the black swan.

They are absent from tropical Asia, Central America, northern South America and the entirety of Africa.

One species, the mute swan, has been introduced to North America, Australia and New Zealand.

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