Teachers dating teachers fun

By looking at it this way, we will see it as a necessary part of our schedule, rather than a diversion from it. “You can’t just program yourself to perform at optimal levels 24 hours a day.

“You have to eliminate things that are not the best and highest use of your time.” Instead of trying to fit in as many things as possible, she says, think about things you can let go of to create space for your higher priority of self-care.Too many teachers have reached the conclusion that this lifestyle is just part of the job; there simply isn’t enough time to be a good teacher and take care of yourself.Self-care is something you’ll get to over breaks or in the summer, right?Angela and I have already talked about some powerful ways teachers can save time, but we got together again to narrow our focus on the problem of self-care.In our podcast interview (which you can listen to above), we talk about why teachers have such a hard time taking care of themselves, then we look at four changes you can make to turn that around. “We have to decide to reject that notion that being busy is just the way life has to be,” Angela says.

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