Updating laptop graphics

custom 3:2 resolutions), I've decided to create a guide to enabling it.At the same time, this will also update your graphics driver to the latest one.When I check my PC for Windows 10 I get the message : "This PC can;t run Windows 10. I have an Acer Aspire Z5710 desktop, running Windows 7 with all updates installed. Since Intel HD Graphics Control Panel is not installed on the Surface Pro 3 by default, and is required in order to create custom display resolutions (i.e.

It is nice to have the screen resolution control panel. I'm going to be doing some "gaming" (mainly indie) as well on mine once I've got everything up to date and basic programs installed.

You could try setting Windows Update to "Check for updates, but don't download or install".

After you install the new driver using the guide above (follow it exactly), open Windows Update (the Windows 7 style one, not the PC Settings one), right-click the graphics driver update that keeps replacing the new one and hide it. I always set my PC's to do updates manually when I tell it to so that it doesn't try to download and install updates when it's inconvenient for me (i.e. I haven't gotten around to doing any tests yet on my sp3 yet, but plan on soon once I get all the basics setup first.

Usually they're not big leaps in performance, but any improvement is better than non at all.

This is just me, but I think you have too many steps in your instructions.

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