Updating wiikey 2 updating lexus navigation

Setup disc v1.3 PAL (To Turn Region free on) it says it doesn't come with any warranty.It comes with absolutely no warranty or guarantees. Feedback is welcome, but please send your message one time only.update wii firmware Done Make sure you can read the update disc first, as you need to use the config disc to turn region free on to do that. 1.2b config, turns on region free to read 1.9b firmware disc2.

Is that just the way the disc display the menu and have no relevance to my actual wii settings? but i heard there was a problem with running config discs 1.2 and 1.3 after updating to 1.9b (and im guessing 1.9g)a look atforum-replies.cfm?

The Nintendo support forums and our tips email alike are packed with reports that Wii system update 4.2 is doing horrible things to Wii consoles, and not just the modded ones.

A quick scan of the Nintendo tech support forum tells the tale of a system update gone slightly awry. The update is giving system errors informing customers that their Wii has been modified and then failing to start.

should be on anywayand then do wii firmware update?

Okay I have updated my firmware to 1.9b and also put the 1.3 config disc in and changed the region overide to 'on' and then do a save and reset.

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