Who was kid rock dating in 2016 girls dating married men

And it was in 1988 when Rock got a chance to record his first demos, which eventually scored an opening slot at a Boogie Down Productions gig.

That demos led him to a contract with Jive Records, which issued his debut album namely "Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast," released in 1990.

Because of that he immersed himself in rap music, learned to break-dance, and began making the talent-show rounds in Detroit.

Facing such deep mourning due to the death of his band member, Joe C, still Rock continued working on his follow-up to "Devil Without a Cause." During this period of time, he was romantically linked to Pamela Anderson, having an infidelity with her, who at that time was still married to musician Tommy Lee.

The scandal had sent a shock to public worldwide, caused the media to focus more on his affair than his musical career, which many magazines were beginning to ridicule.

Found neither fame nor success with his band, Rock won't miss the chance to work under Atlantic Records who decided to sign him.

Soon then he produced "Devil Without a Cause" that didn't do much upon its initial release in August 1998, 'till a big promotional held by the label and MTV's help favorably made the album's second single and video, "Bawitdaba," a nationwide smash.

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